Temperature and humidity are the two most important factors that influence the efficiency and the productive life of sandpaper. Products that are subjected to frequent climate changes can be permanently affected in their adhesive. Excessive humidity causes softening of adhesive film, resulting in the product getting plugged up or peeling easily. Excessive dryness causes rigidity, reduced flexibility, and results in deformation. Therefore, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Temperature levels must be maintained between 13 and 21 degrees Celsius, with a relative humidity between 45 and 60%
  • Boxes should be maintained away from walls and floors where they could absorb moisture
  • Store coated abrasives away from any source of heat such as heaters, radiators, vapor pipes, hot air vents, ovens and stoves
  • Keep the products in their original packaging; this will protect them, facilitate use, and can store them in a convenient and practical manner

When a project requires exceptional results, Maxicut sandpaper is the best option for professional and industrial purposes.

Sandpaper can be utilized for sanding in humid or dry conditions; it can adapt to both methods.

Sanding with water and dry sanding both have their respective advantages. Dry sanding avoids the necessity to dry the surface in order to check the progress of your work, while water sanding is faster, maintains the surface clean of dust, and reduces the obstruction of the sandpaper. Flexible support of this abrasive is perfect for sanding and finishing of plastics, metal, enamel, primer, and transparent layers with a very consistent pattern of sanding.

Our Maxicut sandpaper is designed to work both for dry and humid methods. Each paper measures 9” x 11” and can be cut to block size. It is used mainly for preparing the area for painting with base paint.


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